Individually designed to
suit your home & lifestyle

As individual as its owner.

Each Placidity Pool is as individual as its owner: a landscape integrated freeform pool, geometric shapes or simply the pool you always dreamed of: total liberty in shape and design from a natural look to a modern master piece.

Placidity pools can be designed to suit all climate conditions, from the Far Northern tropics to the cooler southern regions of Australia, the pool construction and structure is calculated to suit the environment in which it is being designed.

The filter beds, equal to about one-tenth of the total area, can border the swimming zone or sit in separate or raised areas.

How to swim naturally?

Step 1

Contact your local
Placidity Pool Representative

Our technical advisor will come and inspect your planned installation site and give you lots of advice. You’ll discuss and decide on design and placement options, on
which we will base your quote.

Step 2

Choose your Pool and Bio Tank design

Pool Design Options

Select the pool shape and size you desire for your home with
position of the bio tank filter garden, which can be:

1. Urban

Pool with levelled bio tank
next to the pool

3. Imperial

Separate Bio tank- can be any distance away from the pool

2. Raised

Raised as a water
feature beside the pool

4. Submerged

Bio tank part of the
swim zone

Bio Tank Options

Select between the Wet or Dry style Bio Tank

 Spring (Wet)

Your specialised plant selection is grown in the water of the bio tank much like a planted pond or water feature, filtering the water for your Placidity Pool

 Spring (Wet)

Your specialised plant selection is grown in a dry creek bed in your Bio Tank and the filtered water trickls into your Placdiity Pool

Step 3


We’ll start construction of the concrete shells for Bio Tank and swimming area. Depending on the weather they will take a couple of weeks to cure. During this time we customise the technology for your Placidity Eco Splash System off-site.

The Placidity Certified Technician will install the filter beds into your Bio Tank along with your plants. Your plumbing will be installed and filter beds filled with filtration media.

The Placidity Eco Splash™ System will be installed and your pool be filled with water.

 Step 4

Enjoy the process as we bring
a Placidity Pool….

Watch as your is pool transformed – this can take some time and you will see as the micro-organisms begin their organic cleaning process and steadily eliminate contaminants from water. Clean the pool. Start enjoying your very own natural swimming pool….. the earth will thank-you!

Interested in your own backyard oasis?

Placidity is setting up in a corner of
paradise near you.