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100% natural solution for chemical swimming pools
   Our Tropical System

Australia’s Natural
Pool revolution

A beautiful inviting oasis with all the benefits of a swimming pool but none of the hassle and harm of chlorine and other additives?

We have the solution!

Placidity revolutionizes swimming pools and ponds not only in Australia, but worldwide.

We are committed to designing and installing pools that work with our natural environment enhancing what we find in nature. Our technology, with biomimicry, replicates that amazing feeling of taking a dip in a natural swimming hole with fresh, pure water.


Uniquely Placidity

Why Placidity pools
are better!

Individually unique to suit your lifestyle Your Placidity
natural pool is built on site as a complete reflection of
your vision, needs and expectations.

Placidity Pools have been designed to solve several of the main problems of traditional salt water chlorinated swimming pools.

The key advantages are:The key advantages are:

  • Sanitation without any chemicals
  • No contribution to urban salinity
  • Water saving through storage and recycling
  • Power efficient eco-friendly technology
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable
  • Promote biodiverstiy, brining nature into your backyard

Placidity Pools use the EcoSplash technology combined with a tank of selected plants, pumps and micro-organisms ensures your pool is maintained naturally all year round. This creates a natural wonder which promotes biodiversity and is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Looking for

Over 120 conventional pools have been built or transformed into
tropical natural pools. Take a look at our pool for inspiration.

Interested in your own backyard oasis?

Placidity is setting up in a corner of
paradise near you.